hey hey hey, I’m Charlene

before I even knew it was a thing, I realized the meaning of work was (is) incredibly important to me. I created an exit strategy to leave corporate America for good, for the last time to create a life by design. not because I wanted to be my own boss, I simply wanted to lead and inform my own life solving problems that mattered to me. i needed to have the freedom to tap into my talents and strengths at the highest level, creating the change I wanted to see. i knew my voice mattered beyond the cubicle I occupied. of course my agenda was not their agenda, and that’s fair. now I enjoy life as a multi passionate entrepreneur creating, building, empowering and impacting. i create, i connect, i share, i celebrate.

my philosophy on life is we have one shot before it’s lights out for good. find what fulfills you, just be that by identifying ways to serve others and be compensated for your werk. yes I do believe profiting from your purpose and passion is doable and just.

i choose to find and create rooms where change agents gather and transform.

my life, my way. if you are like me and want to keep this engagement going, subscribe so we talk about what’s next.

with candor, chutzpah + hugs, Charlene