i'm a multi passionate entrepreneur whose SUPER POWER IS EMPOWERMENT


what if you woke up inspired & went to bed fulfilled...EVERY SINGLE DAY for the rest of your life?

this is the problem i want to solve



no matter the platform, project or event I have the same endgame in mind...fulfillment. through life's many experiences and lessons, I am convinced life is far too short to play it small and sit on the sidelines as a spectator in your own life. for this reason I am on a never yielding quest to learn and apply all I can to create a life I love, on my terms, while helping others do the same. i intentionally seek to collaborate with like valued people who believe what I believe. i affectionately refer to myself as CEOCharlene which has nothing to do with the obvious role but more to do with the person behind the role. "CEO" stands for chief edification officer as I am insatiably inquisitive about the journey and aspirations of others. i want to celebrate, motivate and wish you well along the way. there are four action verbs that I feel best describe me at this point in my life: I create, I connect, I share and I celebrate. in that order.

if there was only one word I feel best describes my perspective on how I pursue these actions is through EMPOWERMENT. my approach to life centers around my belief that we are all created to be brilliant at something. it is our responsibility to find out where we are meant to create impact and how we can contribute at our highest level. this perspective places fulfillment over success and connectedness over entitlement.

for this reason, coaching, conversation and mentoring is at the center of my platform to bridge the gap between your actual and your aspiration. i am a proud card carrying member of the anti status quo club where candor is lauded and the words chutzpah and gumption flow freely.

as a relational strategic thinker and problem solver I enjoy connecting with others and blogging about life, entrepreneurs, the startup journey, leadership beyond titles, natural hair, natural living, self-empowerment, self-care, women and wellness, intentional connecting, creative expression and thinking bigger. oh and if you hadn't noticed, i have a affinity for writing in lower case...just because I can.

i  am a proud mother, startup empowerment coach, 25 year member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, a decorated member of Toastmasters International with a MA in Organizational Management/Organizational Leadership.

my personal mantra

my favorite mantra that serves as self empowerment is don’t tell me no, tell me how...because there is always a how. the how usually sits right outside of our “box” and just beyond our comfort zone.
— me

MAKE IT a Great day…now let’s werk!