'Tis the Season to Pivot


issa werkshop yal!

Though I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while, almost 6 months to be exact, I certainly have not been idle. Oh contraire. I have been “doing life as entrepreneur” which means I've been busy creating, coaching, testing, training, restructuring, eliminating and re-thinking some things looking for the right platform and the right niche to pursue.

You see, while I know my calling

as an entrepreneur certainly lies in the area of empowering individuals to pursue their version of their fulfilled lives, how I was going to accomplish it I never could have fully realized unless I started pursuing and doing...and then kept doing it. Now I see why some would say throw all of your ideas at the wall and see what sticks.

Sometimes it really is that simple. However it is in throwing some things at the wall that you ultimately realize what you enjoy doing more of, what you don't really like that you thought you would love and quite honestly what isn't effective, efficient or sustainable.

Herein lies the importance of not giving up or giving in too soon. It is why you can't throw in the towel when you experience failure or something doesn't work out the way you thought it would the first few times around. The fact that your plan failed or didn't work out is actually good news. Now you know what not to do. Failure is only truly failure if you make it permanent. However if you “fail” because you were doing the work and pursuing your plan/strategy, that isn't failure, that's information. Information used to modify and adjust your strategy or plan moving forward.

That's what I've been up to, failing slow but methodically.

During this learning season of the last 6 to 7 months, I have been working my action plan. Much of what I thought would occur has and yet I've also experienced interesting surprises I would never have realize had I not started. One of those surprises is the birthing of the Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY, which I am beyond geeked about. I have to be honest, creating this platform was not an idea that I had when I decided to leave corporate America to pursue doing the work that I love.

I know some creators, founders and entrepreneurs wouldn't tell you their truth because some want you to believe they had everything figured out from day 1. Not me. There's no shame in my game. I want you to deeply understand what this journey truly looks like. It is a journey you are either already on or look to take in the near future. You need to have a realistic understanding of what to expect so be gentle with yourself and your process.

Oh and I’ll circle back at a later time to talk about the whole fail fast concept of the lean start up process and why that doesn’t always work best for some intentionally methodical learners.

When I left corporate America, I knew I was going to do a podcast, and I am but I also thought I was going to immediately create an online course as my first endeavor. However as I've been out here coaching, creating and collaborating, I realize that creating an online course is something I ultimately want to do but it's not something I’m excited about doing right now. Online course creation won't give me the type of satisfaction of seeing my work come to life through direct deep interactions with humans. I’m much more interested in creating DIY professional and personal development manuals for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs. I’d rather spend my time curating in-person experiences to connect individuals in pursuit of creating their fulfilled lives as thriving entrepreneurs to their village and to their vision.

Though I could have continued to pursue the track of immediately creating an online course, I instead allowed myself room to pivot over persevere. It was the right call. The key takeaway here is to give yourself room to grow and love your process. Do be diligent and focused but do not put yourself in a box disallowing any form of realignment. As long as you’ve taken the time to understand your I.D. at a deep level, you will find that the road from A to Z is a winding road and your journey isn’t a definitive destination but a moving target that shifts as you grow.

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