When Your Kid Teaches You Something About Your Entrepreneur DNA

Photographer:  Kaylin James

Photographer: Kaylin James

Whether you have kids or not, all of us have likely experienced the very blunt candid unapologetic sensibilities of a child at one time or another. I remember when my daughter told me “mom you never finish anything!”

I think it may have had something to do with a task I was supposed to complete for her. I don't recall the details but that statement she made to has stuck with me, honestly feeling like a thorn in my side for years. It’s been about 6 to 7 years, at least. The interesting part about her statement is she's kind of right.

As a result of working my strategy and executing my vision over these last few years, I now realize I am a big picture person, a strategic planner, the visionary, an ideation concept creator. However I do not enjoy the ongoing logistics and tactical execution of an idea, i.e. getting in the weeds and staying there. It's just not who I am. Once I have an idea, I create the vision and strategy and then it’s best I pass it on for others to fill in the blanks. After that, I’m on to the next idea. I now realize after learning about Joe Abraham’s Entrepreneur DNA and taking other assessments it's not a flaw or a weakness, it's just not who I am and how I work best. It’s an essential part of the makeup that is my entrepreneur DNA.

That brings me to why I decided to write this article. If you are reading this, you likely signed up for one of my Before You Quit Your Job, Find Your Voice + Clarity workshops, we’ve connected via social media or at one of my entrepreneur driven events. I’m convinced you did so for a reason. Anyone who signs up for my workshop is definitely seeking something whether you are in pursuit of or fully immersed in your idea, side hustle or business.

This confirms to me there's something you want to share and connect around. I would love to know what that is. Better yet, I would love to give you a platform to test your ideas on real projects and real people within this community to see where it takes you, assuming what you do aligns with the goals of this community for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs.

If you have a job, working for an employer, this is the perfect time for you to get your feet wet by working on projects that further define and clarify your, voice your perspective and your ideals. While I was still an employee, starting a blog, writing topic specific papers and working on teams outside of my department that was a closer fit to what I wanted to do with my life was the best self paced form of professional development I could have created for myself. You see your manager or CEO will never ever ever ever ever take an interest in actively preparing you to pursue your entrepreneurial life. Creating opportunities outside of my job to hone my voice was one of my smartest and most revealing actions I took to validate who I believed myself to be. I believe it will be equally beneficial for you.

I don’t know if you’ve heard the good news but

Photographer:  Kaylin James

Photographer: Kaylin James

I have founded the Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY (EEA) for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs. The purpose of this membership cooperative is to help individuals understand how to ‘do life as entrepreneurs’ and thrive. I don’t have all the answers but I can surely connect to those who are subject matter experts in their field. The rationale is to provide members with relevant training tools and resources while also giving you the platform to connect with your peers who are all on the same journey. According to motivational speaker Jim Rohn, “you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around with most”. If you don’t have a community or tribe that you can tap into daily, you need one now. This is not a journey you should attempt to take alone. Believe me, I tried and failed badly. It is for this reason, among others, that I knew without a doubt EEA had to come to life. No need to make the same mistake I did. It took several years to rebound financially and emotionally. You can avoid that.

In the EEA, you'll have a platform to test and connect your ideas while you provide your expertise within the cooperative to move your agenda forward. By definition a cooperative involves mutual assistance in [between members] working toward a common goal. You want your endeavor to thrive and do well, I want each of you to thrive and each member within the cooperative wants the same. EEA is the ultimate mastermind for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs who plan to bootstrap their business but have little time or resources to make unnecessary catastrophic mistakes that could lead to permanent failure. We don’t believe in permanent failure but one who goes it alone with no support might.

The community is local and virtual so you will have no limitations as to who you can connect with, globally. We invite you to bring other doers, founders and creators into the cooperative with you. There are going to be several types of activities that align with what you do as it relates to tactical execution of a thing that is outside of my wheelhouse or want house. Click below to apply, tell me a bit about yourself and your goals.


I’m looking to celebrate and uplift the serious doer who wants to serve others and ultimately monetize their expertise. People who know they are great, dedicated and well informed about what they do. Those who are committed to continuous improvement. You just need more people to believe in you by giving you the opportunity to share what you know and spread your wings further. This is just such an opportunity.

Photographer:  Emilee Ramsier

Photographer: Emilee Ramsier

This is not an opportunity you want to say yes to today and then you do nothing about tomorrow. If you're at a point in your life/chosen profession where you are definitely serious about testing your idea and building your portfolio with actual relevant projects, let’s make it happen. The application will help us begin to understand if your idea and personality align with the values and beliefs this organization holds true.

Now that I’ve set the vision and strategy, I see the creative and business support operations team to be most critical for the EEA community because these areas kinda set the tone for what follows. I’m open to the ideas of those eager to participate immediately.

Do you plan to start a VA agency but see yourself more as a COO for startups and need a muse? Are you an event/workshop planning ninja? Are you a creative writer, editor or journalist? Do you have graphic design ideas you want a larger audience to see? Do you have a hankering to apply your best social media strategies to a project? Are you a project manager type who likes handling short projects to add to your resume? Is branding your b*tch? Are you a financial educator who wishes to educate startups? Are you the techie type who loves to show us how the latest software will make our productivity better. This isn’t an exhaustive list so you should absolutely tell me what I left out and join the movement. There’s space to create a platform for just about any professional area of expertise.

If every single one of you that applies is ready then every one gets an opportunity to test their idea but you must secure the slot for your area of expertise. You do have to be a member of the Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY which is a $10/month commitment for EEA to continuously advertise, promote or share your business to this growing startup community. I require a minimal $10 because this monthly investment lets me know you have skin in the game and you plan to be consistent in your contribution. For some odd reason, studies show people don’t value FREE for specific opportunities such as this. The first step is to apply and at any time you can discontinue your membership. This collaboration should not exasperate your time if done right.

With your membership as a founding contributing member you get free access to all member only materials/workshops and free entry to Tier 1 monthly events as long as you are actively participating as agreed. This opportunity will be available on a limited basis. Once the limited slots are filled, the opportunity goes away and regular membership pricing applies.

This isn’t a fair tradeoff but that’s by design. This is a giving cooperative of entrepreneurs and not a tit for tat match for services received/rendered. Nowhere else will you get the value of this platform for the low cost of one affordable lunch in a way that's intended to help you catapult your brand to new heights, if you take advantage of the opportunity.


The Takeaway…

My daughter was right. I don’t finish every thing because I’m not meant to. I’m to set the vision and create the space to collaborate with others far more adept at the tactical execution of big ideas. I am meant to be the visionary and the catalyst to empower individuals and organizations to become who they say they are. That is what Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY is all about. Join this collaborative community of doers, creators and founders.

By the way if you are still wondering what topics or areas of expertise fit best for this platform, the answer is just about any and every thing that impacts the lives of entrepreneurs from finances to self care and everything in between.

I can’t wait to celebrate what you do next,

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