My Dear Naturalista Just Because You Saw It Doesn't Mean You Have to Buy It

she's gotta have it

You loved it and now you want it! You can’t wait to recreate the look as soon as you buy the product. I know you just turned off your daily dose of YouTube University or you’ve been scrolling through IG and you saw her hair was flawless! Tell the truth... you just finished watching the latest vlog from your favorite naturalista and now you just have to have whatever items she listed in the “description box below”. You just have to try it for your hair or makeup regimen. But wait...why? Girl go look in your cabinet. No I'll wait.... You don't need another butter, gel, oil, hair smoothie, edge control, leave in conditioner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm or lip garnish.

Seriously ladies how many of us have products in our beauty product graveyard better known as your medicine cabinet, linen closet, night stand, chest of drawers or the cabinet underneath the bathroom sink. What about those forgotten bags you’ve placed inside your closet? We don't even use all of what we currently have for our hair and skin but we keep buying. We all did it or still do it. Why is that?

I have some ideas why the impulse buy is real. Let me know which one best represents your situation:

  1. When we look good, we usually feel good about ourselves so we buy something that's marketed very well to evoke that emotion of confidence.

  2. It’s time to update our highlight reel for the Gram or Snapchat. That new product you saw will surely give you the EXACT look you want right? Right;

  3. Being Insta-famous is enticing to some. More products means more pics and more comments or likes from lurkers;

  4. We are trying to get in the hair and beauty influencer game and increase our followers to build our brand;

  5. Shopaholics love the adrenaline rush of immediate gratification from impulse purchases;

  6. You are trying to get those freebie sponsored items. Maybe the right people will see your review and start sending you some good stuff;

  7. You aim to always be the first to feature particular hair, skin or makeup products.

Now I understand there are some of us who are actually producers with businesses in the beauty space and we want people to love our products and keep buying. I am one of those people as founder of Nature’s Perfect Garden. I'm also a consumer, a mother and a person that's on a quest to be financially smart thus buying every product I see in the description box is simply not an option.

click the image for the full article

click the image for the full article

There are several reasons why I cleaned out my beauty and skincare products, donating what I could, using what was left and throwing the rest away if it was expired with no intention of replacing these items. The main reason however is when you are trying to get your money right, invest in your business, increase your savings or pay for your next trip, every penny you spend is in question. When you are scaling your business the same is true, every penny is important and every minute of how you use your time is essential.

I also understand the new era of the beauty influencer has given some of our sisters who were pioneers or marketing savvy the ability to represent these brands. I get that you are contractually obligated to promote the product influencing as many sales as possible. I’m not mad at your hustle but I still believe we should watch how much we invest into these companies while diminishing what we have to invest in ourselves in a more financially responsible manner.


The ONE thing I did that overwhelmingly decreased the amount of money I spend on hair care products...

I now only use ONE hair care product as my styler, my edge control and as a substitute for gel. It's my herbal hair butters I use to seal in moisture. That's my easy secret for simple healthy natural hair & controlling my spending. Turns out the financial benefit wasn't intentional but a happy accident. My actual goal was to do as little as possible to obtain the look that I wanted while maintaining healthy hair.

When I viewed some YouTube videos I personally thought it was a bit much how many products some used to get the look they showcased for one TEMPORARY hair style. If they like it I love it for them but I don't have the time or patience for that. As much as I love my hair, I don't necessarily love doing my hair so it was important for me to get great results with less product using less of my time. 

this is what #simplehealthynaturalhair using  ONE styler  can look like

this is what #simplehealthynaturalhair using ONE styler can look like


So I challenge you my dear naturalista. I challenge you to use less styling products (of your choice) on your hair for 30 days. By less I mean using only ONE styling product. I’m on a mission to see what a simple healthy natural hair movement looks like. I believe all hair is good hair and we as black women can achieve healthy hair, look great and still spend less on quality hair care products.

Join me on the 1st 30-Day #SIMPLEHEALTHYNATURALHAIR journey to regain some of your time and spend less money if either of these issues are important to you. 

give me 30 days to prove it can work for you

Here's what you do. Choose your favorite styler (a cream, hair butter, a nutrient rich oil, a leave in tonic) whatever works best for your hair and make this your only styler for the next 30 days. Continue to cleanse and condition your hair as you like and see if you can do it with what you already have in your home. Have you tried it? I’m willing to bet you will still achieve a beautiful look and surprise yourself. I did because less can be more. On my website for Nature’s Perfect Garden I share pictures of my hair with each listing because I want you to see how using one styling product can garner you several types of looks using creativity.

Wellness based self care for your hair, skin + home


It doesn’t have to be the same styling product after each wash day. You can switch it up however you like but avoid buying anything new until you've used what you already have if what you have works for your hair. When it's time to replenish, buy your ONE styling product. If you accept this challenge of spending less on and using less hair products for the first 30 days, join the movement by sending me your really simple, really healthy really natural hair pic by tagging @naturesperfectgarden. Proclaim that you’re taking the challenge and tag #simplehealthynaturalhair in your post to be considered for a feature and shoutout. Challenge your fellow naturalistas to join the movement as well. My hope is this first 30 day challenge will transition to become your routine hair lifestyle AND YOU LOVE IT!

I truly believe that less can absolutely be more but I caution against using poor quality products with few natural and organic ingredients as your go to styler. Using nutrient rich quality products while manipulating your hair less promotes healthy hair growth, translates to less time on your hair and more money to put where you really need or want to use it. Aren't time and money the two things naturalistas complain about most when doing our hair? In the colder months I only "wash" my hair every 4 to 6 weeks and my hair thrives as you can see. I'll share my intense cleansing process and what I do in between in a different post. Are you in? Say you're in!

There’s no purchase necessary to join the challenge of course. That would defeat the purpose of using what you have. If you currently have no product to use go ahead and buy your styling product based on what you know works for your type of hair. I'm not an advocate of hair typing through labeling but understanding what works best for hair when you learn by doing. If you are looking to try something new I would love for you to try Nature's Perfect Garden and see how my artisan herbal butters support your healthy hair goals. My butters packing with healing herbs and oils will get your skin right as well. I know #OurButtersAreBetter!  This challenge is not about a particular brand, even my own. As #theantiproductjunkie I am advocating for each of us to do more with less and make better decisions with our money because black women make less than most other groups yet account for a disproportionately high percentage of annual beauty product spend.