the StartUP & Thrive podcast is's launch day!


If you are a creator you must create. If your super power is empowerment then you must empower. Put those two actions together and what you get from me is StartUP & Thrive: the How-to-podcast for eventual entrepreneurs where we talk about the eventual entrepreneur journey & understanding how to not quit in your quest. There's two things I hope you do as an eventual entrepreneur before diving into each podcast episode and both have to do with one thing: start from the beginning.

1) Listen to the Call-To-Action For Eventual Entrepreneur's episode because it tells you a lot about my beliefs as it relates to the entrepreneur vs. employee perspective and why you need this reality check.

In this episode those who have an opinion about job security will either get confirmation about what they believe to be true. others will become inspired by a shift in their mindset or perspective about their current job and how it fits into creating their best life now.

2) The Why Behind the Startup & Thrive Podcast and Who Should Tune In will help you understand me as your host, what to expect from the podcast and why you should stay plugged in if you are an eventual entrepreneur.

Developing this podcast was a labor of love, introspection, reflection and optimism. I actually recorded the Call-To-Action episode over two years ago before I knew that's what it would be. It's as if God was preparing my platform before I knew what it looked like. I certainly love learning, living, applying and then sharing all I'm able to garner from the many brilliant people in the rooms I maneuver around. I can't wait to see what we explore next.


Like it, love it, recommend it and share the Startup & Thrive podcast. Don't make your first time the last time you listen in.