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Why Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY (EEA)?

Simply put your employer will never intentionally prepare you to be an entrepreneur even if some learned skills are transferable. Ever. To do so would be in direct conflict with their people strategy. EEA will successfully fill this void. Some studies cite between 40% and 63% of Americans wish to start their own business. I am one of them. If you are reading this, you likely are too. Being a student, advocate and practitioner of starting up, I’ve had countless conversations with individuals over the years who have jobs and yet still dream of starting their own business. The problem is the space that exist between what you dream of doing and and making that dream come true. The intent of Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY is to equip aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs with the confidence and know how to leave your dead end job, for good. This goal will be achieved with stellar professional and personal development tools, resources, werkshops, training, collaborations, community and opportunities to directly test your idea.



how did eventual entrepreneur akademy come to be?


Organizational Management Consultant & Founder, CEOCharlene

“I empower people and organizations to become who they say they are”

As the founder/creator of EEA, I made a BIG decision in 2014 that I was going to figure out how to do life as an entrepreneur, deciding ever going back to corporate America was just not an option. I believe myself to be a called-to-be entrepreneur as I’ve been on the employee to entrepreneur to employee back to entrepreneur carousel since graduating college. Try as I might to avoid the call, the entrepreneur life kept whispering in my ear. As an unapologetic problem solver, I wasn’t able to get comfortable doing what felt like meaningless work, to me, solving problems that didn’t allow me to contribute at my highest level and create impact. I knew I would have to drive and create my own work, on my terms to be fulfilled as a problem solver. The problem that resonates with me most is linking you to your version of your fulfilled life. Understanding this to be a BIG DEAL, I chronicled my roller coaster employee to entrepreneur journey on my last transition, taking note of every aspect most aspiring entrepreneurs would need to understand to pursue your goal of creating a fulfilled life as a thriving entrepreneur.


Connecting you to your fulfilled life is my mission

let’s do life well as entrepreneurs

Along the journey I realized there is no centralized training hub for emerging entrepreneurs to prepare themselves for “doing life as entrepreneur”. No source of comprehensive life planning for this new reality which will impact every facet of your life. To solve the problem I had to create EEA, a safe place for eventual entrepreneurs to learn, grow, thrive and build a community that catered to your unique needs. The vision did not come together all at once but started with hundreds of recordings, then blogging, next podcasting, then training classes, + speaking, then events, then training manuals, now free courses, an eBook and plenty of collaborating with other participants in the startup ecosystem. I am proud to offer you this amazing platform so use it relentless to your advantage. What’s great about EEA is you'll have access to the most relevant tools and resources for you to werk through, at your own pace, according to what is most important for you at the time. I encourage you to connect with your peers of aspiring, emerging and dedicated entrepreneurs in this CO-OP often as this is not a journey you should take alone. When we lean in, we lean in together.