it's time to step into your true calling

eventual entrepreneur AKADEMY was created for you

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the ultimate mastermind

for aspiring & emerging entrepreneurs

ask yourself this question... why is there no training and development hub for eventual entrepreneurs? we are the heartbeat of the American economy. we drive radical innovation, create national income, can improve the standard of living, create jobs and small businesses employee the bulk of the workforce.

there's training for the traditional career professional right? there's tools & plentiful resources for the productivity seeking professional. there’s training for managers, c-suite leaders, subject matter experts and even the techie but nothing dedicated to the eventual entrepreneur in transition. Until now.


Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY is the solution. we understand your work life is far more unique than that of a traditional employee or the established entrepreneur. we understand you want to leave your dead-end job for good for the last time so you need tools and resources that speak specifically to preparing you for this journey and for success as you keep yourself open to the learning lessons that come with this process.

Far more than an e-book and far less time restrictive than a 1/2 day or full day company workshop with more advantages meant to directly impact the eventual entrepreneur’s journey.
— EEA Founder, Charlene L. Sanders

company workshops are meant to groom you for the company's organizational goals and not your fulfilled life as an entrepreneur

that's fair


What you can expect to gain from your membership TO THE REPOSITORY in eventual entrepreneur AKADEMY - 

  • training manuals tailor made with your specific scenario in mind;

  • proven tools, tactics and actionable information and that will help you craft a strategy to move your agenda forward;

  • to attain clear and help to you leave your dead in job for good for the last time, confidently;

  • to be cultivated and groomed as an entrepreneur leaders.


some of the topics we’ll cover include

How to Start Right Where You Are, Step 0; How to Create and Sell Even as an Employee, Finding Your Voice + Clarity, Being Courageous in Spite of Fear, Cultivating an Entrepreneur Mindset, Productivity Tools that work, Precision planning, Collaboration Over Competition, Leading up and Within while still an Employee, Accounting + Banking, Authentic Branding, Advertising & Social Media Marketing, Creating Your I.D., Preparing Yourself for the Journey, How to have Crucial Conversations & Like It, Creating your Sphere of Life, Self-care + Stressing Less, Adulting as an Entrepreneur, The Mobile entrepreneur, Getting Your Money Matters in Order, Home Buying for the Self Employed, Protecting Your Assets you Grow, Finding The Right Business Advisor for You, Smarter coaching and Consulting , How to Connect and Mastermind Globally and much more.


as you can see from our topics, we are different but in a good way...

my only goal as founder was to empower eventual entrepreneurs like yourself to create a life you love as the thriving entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be while giving you the tools necessary to not give up or throw in the towel when the process requires tenacity, chutzpah, resilience and gumption.
— EEA Founder, Charlene L. Sanders

Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY was created so you could smartly life plan around becoming a dedicated entrepreneur as opposed to taking an unnecessary leap of faith, simply hoping to figure it out as you go.

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I wanted to do something special for the really frustrated but eager eventual entrepreneur on a mission, really hungry, really determined, really committed fast action takers and early adopters for the pre-launch. New members of the Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY community can get 50% off when pre-ordering the first training manual to drop in the REPOSITORY this month. You only have 48 hours to receive this deep discount so act fast. After this the price goes up and the discount drops as we get closer to the release date for general members and subscribers.



  • discounts on all future events and workshops;

  • sneak peak with deeper discounts at what's to come before the official roll-out to general members;

  • automatic VIP status is given which translates to additional bonuses only available to early adopters;

  • lower membership pricing for the lifetime of your uninterrupted membership status.