Brown Sugar, Clay & Coffee Detox Facial Wet Mask

Brown Sugar, Clay & Coffee Detox Facial Wet Mask

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BRIGHT & RADIANT skin is what you want…right?

w/ Bentonite Clay & African Black Soap

Problem blemish prone skin be gone! This healing wet mask is packed with beneficial ingredients to detox your skin, pulling out nasty impurities in your pores. The result will leave your skin soft supple and better than before.

As a known tinkerer (that’s a word as far as I’m concerned) in the kitchen creating natural based solutions for whatever wellness issue I wanted to address, I created the formula for this mask as an answer to changing seasons, dull skin and blemishes I saw popping up on my face. Here’s why these key ingredients offer an affordable solution for our skin issues:

Raw Brown Sugar - an excellent naturally gentle exfoliant for the face (even sensitive skin) yet durable enough to scrub away dead skin cells for a healthy glow.

Coffee - aids as a natural skin exfoliant also ridding of dead skin cells while reducing skin inflammation as the caffeine helps to increase blood flow. This is said to encourage a more even skin tone.

Bentonite Clay - historically revered as a powerful healing clay since ancient times, just a few of bentonite clay’s many nourishing, anti-inflammatory and purifying properties include its ability to draw out toxins, regenerate skin tissue and shrink pores leaving skin healthier and smoother.

Other Ingredients - African Black Soap (rich in antioxidants, vitamin A & E with antifungal and antibacterial properties), this soap aids in skin discoloration and moisturizing dry skin while also repairing our skin.


USE ONCE A WEEK OR EVERY TWO WEEKS in conjunction with a daily skin care regimen.

You should easily get from 2 to 6 applications depending on the size purchased and amount you like to use.


Dampen clean face and neck area. Scoop out 1 to 2 tsp of the mixture. Immediately apply a thin layer being sure to avoid the eyes, mouth and nostril areas. Kick back, read a few pages, get a bit of work done, clean up around the house. Once dry, rinse with warm water or a warm wash cloth.

Follow with one of our NPG moisturizing Oils or Butters.


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